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What is PRO?:

What is PRO

Pro is our most popular paid version of Gas Checker. The free version allows you to create 5 free certificates as part of a trial. Most Gas Engineers decide to turn to PRO shortly after the trial has ended. PRO is priced at 59.99 + VAT per year, or £5.99 + VAT per month.

Pro gives you unlimited use of the software, so whether you create five certificates and invoices or a million, you're still covered for the one annual fee.

Our other plans are:

Lite Our basic version of Gas Checker. Lite allows sole use of the app with no intelligent online features such as online cloud backup, syncing, customer and job database and annual service reminders.

PRO+ This version allows companies with multiple engineers to use the software, with PRO+ you have the ability to add sub engineers known as sub-users.

Please go to Pricing to view all details and prices on our 3 plans.