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Annual Reminders:

Repeat Business Every Year 

Gas Checker Annual Reminders

Do you find it difficult to stay on top of annual reminders? Is your diary system already out of date? How easy is it for you to remind customers their annual service is due? 

Look no further - Gas Checker creates annual service reminders 11 months after a Gas Certificate is issued. 

Gas Checker's legendary system takes away all hassle with it's automated reminder system. Simply make sure your certificates are synced to your Gas Checker Cloud then relax and watch last year's jobs come back to you.

All your reminders are sent to you by email and are automatically copied to your online overdue gas reports table, making it easy to see which jobs are outstanding and which are completed.

You can customise your annual service reminders to your customers using Gas Checker's Template Manager, making them unique to your business and giving your business profile a nice boost. For example, why not tell your customers about other services you offer?