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Learning Centre:

Check out our videos and become a Gas Checker PRO

Virtual Tour

What is Gas Checker and how does it help 1000's of Gas Engineers? Take the virtual tour for a quick overview.

Creating Your First Gas Report

Learn how to quickly and easily create your first Gas Report using Gas Checker. Create perfectly filled Gas Reports in seconds.

Upgrading To A Paid Plan

Choosing the perfect plan for your needs and how to do it. We have various plans available suit everyones needs.

Getting Started Using Gas Checker

Getting Started with the Gas Checker App. Learn how to set up Gas Checker and get the most out of our software.

Job Sheets

Create Job Sheets on the move with your iPad, iPhone and Android Device, perfect for the busy Gas Engineer.

Gas Rate Calculator

Gas Checker Gas Rate Calculator for Super Fly Gas Engineers. Gas Rate your appliances easily.