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Gas Checker Pricing:

Gas Checker Pricing Plans

Monthly Plans


Annual Plans


Our LITE version gives you full use of the Gas Checker app, you can create unlimited Gas Reports, Invoices, Quotes etc but does not include any of our web features such as Customer database, Annual Service reminders email marketing etc. The Gas Checker app is fully unlocked any anything you can see on the app you can use.

PRO (Most Popular)
Gas Checker PRO allows you unlimited use of the app the same as LITE will, however PRO unlocks all the web features such as Customer Database, File Backup, Job Scheduling, Annual Service Reminders, Email marketing etc. 

PRO Plus
PRO Plus is our all singing all dancing version, it gives you all the features of LITE, and PRO but the ability to add staff (sub users) to your account. You can send jobs direct to your engineers and manage there work flow directly from the office PC. 

Sub Users
Sub users are essentially fully managed staff members that the master account holder controls, we've limited some app controls to stop any manipulation of files created by staff members. Master account holders can turn sub user accounts on and off if the staff leave and all data created by sub users sync to the master account holders dashboard. Sub users are priced at £2.50 per month or £25.00 per year + VAT each. Please note to enable sub users you will need a PRO + package.