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What is Gas Checker:

What is Gas Checker we hear you ask?

Here's an explanation in as fewer words as possible....times money and all that.

Gas Checker is the No1 software for Gas Installers, Heating Engineers, Gas Service Engineers and Plumbers in the UK an Ireland. Gas Checker's Mobile App Software is hosted on Android and Apple iOS devices. You can download Gas Checker on the Apple Appstore and the Google Play Store.

The functionality of Gas Checker is vast, and includes 99% of everything a Gas Engineer wants and needs to be able to run their business more efficiently. Gas Checker streamlines most of the paperwork Gas Engineers create on a day to day basis, such as Invoices, various Gas Reports, Quotes, Job Sheets, Warning Notices and Service Reports - ultimately saving lots of time and most importantly money.

Gas Checker is mainly used in the field with smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and Android smartphones. Gas Checker Mobile Application is 100% non signal dependent, meaning it can be used in a nuclear bunker if you wish.

Once you have created one of the above forms on the software you can instantly generate the PDF document and send them on using the device email capabilities.

The really smart features come after the data is synced from the device to the Gas Checker cloud. All your data will be stored on your own cloud for easy management, along with a whole host of business tools that every business needs. 

Those are:

1) Customer database
2) Automated Annual Job Reminders
3) File storage with search and filter capabilities
4) Email Marketing
5) Business analysis graphs to monitor business performance
6) Unpaid invoice reminders
+ lots more

Simply log into your cloud account by going to and hitting the login button to discover the end of paper as you know it. 

The online features are only available for Pro and Pro + users. Please refer to our Pricing page for details on prices and plans.


The images above give a quick snapshot of the inner workings of the software, you can see you can quickly select a report to create, then go through the form using quick select data - this minimises the time to create a report as its mainly choosing the data form pre populated tables. Once the form is completed it stores it in the folder for future quick reference. It's so quick and easy you'll never look back.