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Gas Safe Register Supplier API Campaign

This is a campaign aimed at the Gas Safe Register, we believe as a supplier to the gas industry we should have the ability to check a gas engineer license is valid at the point of sale, easily, quickly and with no cost.

At the minute the only way for a supplier to check if a registered gas engineer buying gas related products is valid, is to navigate to the Gas Safe website and do a manual company or ID search. This is slow, inefficient and not acceptable in this day and age. Suppliers will choose not to check as it takes to long especially when you may deal with hundreds of customers per day.

We believe that Gas Safe Register should create a GSR Supplier API, this would be a piece of software suppliers could install on their own system, whether it be web based or in their product sales system, to automatically validate an engineer is in fact a registered engineer and license is active and valid. 


As you all know the befits are huge. If we can stop the supply of any gas related product or service, to non registered people this will stop the illegal fitting in its tracks. The horror story's of the DIY fitters we hear on a daily basis are enough for any registered engineer to support the scheme.

We don't expect every supplier to want to do this, but if the Gas Safe Register can create the API then its a start and the good honest suppliers can then stop supplying to the wrong people. 

Please Gas Safe Register do the right thing here, this will be money well spent and will be a great sign that you actually care about the supply of gas equipment to non gas registered people.

Join the campaign

Please join the campaign by tweeting and sharing the page. We also want you to press the 'Agree' or 'Don't Agree' button, we will then present the poll to Gas Safe Register and who knows maybe this will actually work and beneift the whole industry.

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Due to abuse of the poll at 8.10pm on thursday the 3rd of April, we have reset the counters. You can now only vote once per IP address. Duplicated presses have now been removed and counters reset accordingly.