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Create Invoices with Gas Checker

Use Gas Checker to create professional customised invoices on site to email or print. Taking payment instantly has become even easier with our collaboration with iZettle Chip and Pin - Don't wait for customers to send a cheque. 

Invoices can be copied straight over from a gas report or job sheet you have generated, so Gas Checker will automatically copy client and installation details from the report, to the invoice to save you time.

If you are a PRO or PRO+ user, Gas Checker generates an unpaid Invoice reminder, if your customer exceeds their payment terms. Using Gas Checker's automatic reminder feature, SMS, Email and/or letter reminders are sent to your customers, helping you keep organised, look professional and stay on top of your cash flow. 

Features - 

   Add your Company Logo

   Add your company Number (if applicable)

   Add your VAT Number (if applicable)

   Automatically add your VAT

   Set customer payment terms

   Remind customers automatically of non payment.

   Email and print when in the field

   Mark invoices as paid so paid receipts can be sent

   Automatically calculate the cost of all your descriptions.