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Sub User Management:

Gas Checker Sub User Management

If you are a PRO+ account holder, you can now set up sub accounts and manage all of your engineers. These are known as Sub Users, and you will be known as the parent/master user.

The master account holder sets the sub user account online, giving them each an individual username and password. To do this, you login online and select 'add staff'. 

When the sub user logs in, his details are set and he is unable to change them, this is to stop fraudulent activity taking place by a staff member. As you set the account up, you are able to change any details needed.

A sub user is unable to log into the master account and all sub user certificates will sync to the master account holders online account, this is to stop any sensitive information being taken and viewed by staff members.

To create a sub user please do the following

1) Login to your online account

2) Click the "Staff" button, and then "Add Staff"

3) Create a full sub user profile including invoice and certificate prefix's

4) Activate that account by processing to checkout. Sub users priced from £2.50 + VAT per month, or £25.00 + VAT per year.  

5) Give the login to your staff member, ask them to login to the app ensuring they tick the "i am a sub user' box. They will then need to go into the Gas Checker app settings and sign their name and set up the auto sync and press save.  

6) They are now able to start creating Gas Certificates. As they have set up the auto sync, all reports/invoices created will be sent to the master account holders online cloud each day.